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about the dnld

The DNLD insights community methodology is helping companies bring a human face to their market research in real-time

Community members engage via their desktop or mobile browser so that insights can be gathered even while your participants are on the move.

Regardless of who you wish to learn from or engage, be that end-users, customers, stakeholders or employees, We offer a way to gather insights and understanding through discussions, ideas contests, surveys, polls, digital journals or virtual focus groups.


Use The DNLD To Explore

Target Market Life Context

Explore the broader context of their lives


Investigate perceptions and behaviours around for example interpersonal communication, use of digital technology or day-to-day purchasing habits.

Opportunity Identification

Explore underlying needs and need gaps


Isolate opportunity gaps in the market that your brand, product or service offering can credibly address and deliver on.

Products & Services Input

Identify how customers feel about your offerings


Explore understanding and comprehension, first impressions, perceived value, relevance, and drivers and inhibitors to adoption.

Digital Touchpoints Input

Identify how to optimise digital products and services


Explore and determine what needs your digital assets are addressing or could address, and how to drive adoption and stickiness.

Idea Generation and Input

Test or uncover new ideas from customers or end-users


Collaborate with members to create, refine or test new concepts and ideas or to give critical feedback on new product or service prototypes.

Marketing & Communication Input

Investigate the best way to engage customers or end-users


Identify and test ideas for communication and marketing activities such as brand positioning, advertising campaigns, price points or in-store promotions.


Why Choose Us

No venue or travel costs and less resource-heavy.

Mobile access allows for in-context insights

Safe interaction regardless of panel size

Easily scalable. No geographic limitations.

Increased comfort sharing on digital platforms

Tackle topics using polls, discussions, journals & more

GDPR & BSI ISO/IEC 27002 Compliant

AI-powered analysis, sentiment analysis & more

Tailor design to your brand's own personality & identity

How It Works


Plug-and-play data gathering modules can be turned on or off as the need dictates.

In terms of the actual content, we pre-develop, in collaboration with you, all the themes, topics and related exploration areas that we then carve up into e.g. polls, discussions, challenges etc.

We moderate the site on a daily basis, as well as motivate, remind, and rally our participants.

The Gamification engine motivates participants through points-collecting and leaderboards, with an optional in-platform webshop for members to redeem their points.

Forum Discussions

Set multiple discussion topics, debates or ideation conversations

Video Groups

Interact face-to-face with one or more participants in real-time


Run simple, multiple choice polls for quick feedback

Tasks / Challenges

Ideate & collaborate on ideas through peer-ranked contests


Brief members to create moodboards with our image drag & drop tool

Live Chat

Schedule live-chat sessions and brainstorms with community members

Digital Journal

Give members the opportunity to provide in-depth individual feedback


Run long- or short-form surveys for quantitative feedback


360 Panel Management

Define Community Strategy

Based on your goals and target segments we develop a positioning and content strategy for your panel to ensure all objectives are met and that the community is engaged and having fun.

Community Panel Set-Up

All content (questions, discussion forum topics, ideas contests etc) and supporting multi-media (including site design elements) is uploaded by our team to the platform and scheduled across the panel run period.

Community Onboarding

Recruited or client-provided participants are invited into (or loaded onto) the panel to set up their profiles and familiarise themselves with the environment before kickoff.

Community Panel Activation

Once all content is up and participants are all on board your community is turned on, members notified and interaction kicks off.

Community Moderation

Our panel moderators manage participant interactions, vet submissions, run sessions and discussion forums and provide assistance to community members

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our analysts extract the data, analyse the data and package the insights in an easily consumable report in a format of your choosing

Our Work

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Our People

Core Team

Nicole Brown

Founder, Panel Manager & Analyst

Mpumi Mthembu

Panel Manager & Analyst

Angela Durrett

Project & Client Liaison

Kgomotso Phetlhu

Panel Manager & Analyst

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